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Top Webinars and Podcasts on Work-Life Balance for First Responders

Date:Tuesday September 19, 2023

Podcasts and webinars are a fantastic way to learn from true experts in a field or topic. When it comes to work-life balance, you don’t want to take much time away from either work or your home life in order to educate yourself. Thankfully, technology has made expanding your horizons easier than ever. By listening to a podcast while driving to work, or watching a webinar from the comfort of your couch, you can maximize your time while learning valuable tips and ideas for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We’ve rounded up some recent podcasts and free webinar resources to help you improve and maintain your work-life balance.


Challenge Yourself to Change Your Life

Webinar by Academy Hour

Very often we fall into routines and habits that lead us to places in life that are not where we ever intended to be. This webinar will provide practical, relevant information about why we fall into bad ruts and habits, how to find the way out of them, and to start to hear new internal messages, set new goals, and live more purposefully geared toward better balance, more resiliency, and a well-defined life plan.


How Work-Life Balance is a Strategic Plan to Success

Podcast by Dr. Donnie Hutchinson

Dr. Donnie talks about “How Work-Life Balance is a Strategic Path to Family Success and Fulfillment.  Two of the top universal priorities in life are one’s health and family.  Therefore, balancing the demands of work with health and family responsibilities is paramount to success.  Listen as Dr. Donnie shares evidence-based research on how to take the first step in making a strategic decision for you and your family.


Priorities in Life – Aligning Your Daily Behaviors

Webinar by The 100 Club of Arizona

This one-hour, pre-recorded virtual workshop helps viewers rediscover their priorities in life through reflection exercises and discussion. Viewers learn how their day-to-day behaviors are either aligned or misaligned to what is truly important in their lives.


Scoring Touchdowns in Life

Podcast by Dr. Donnie Hutchinson

Dr. Donnie discusses scoring more “touchdowns” in life for and with your family.  You and your spouse are essentially the quarterbacks of your family team.  Teaching and coaching your children through the ups and downs and how to score more wins in life is the highlight of this podcast.  Listen as Dr. Donnie shares how to successfully get yourself out on the practice and playing fields to help your family win in this game of life. 


Work-Life Balance for First Responders – Part 1

Podcast by Public Safety Talk Radio

Join us for an in-depth conversation on work-life balance for first responders.  In Part 1 of this two-part series, we examine what work-life balance looks like. This podcast is for all of our heroes in public safety including law enforcement professionals, firefighters, EMTs, corrections officers, healthcare workers, and more.

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