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Achieving and Maintaining Work-Life Balance

Maintaining your work-life balance isn’t just good for you; it makes it possible for you to continue serving your family and your community. Here are some ways to help your team members and yourself as you work toward work-life balance.

Actively Caring for First Responders During the Current National Crisis

The recent national crisis within our communities is taking an enormous toll on first responders and their families.  Now is a time when supervisors and command staff must stand in the gap to ensure that all responders have the necessary support they need. Learn what steps to take to ensure you're supporting your employees as effectively as possible.

Apps to Help First Responders with Work-Life Balance

Need help balancing priorities and managing your schedule? There's an app for that. Way of life provides in-hand help for habit training, and Weekly Planner for Android or Week Plan for iOS push you to plan out your week so that you make sure you have time for what matters.

Supporting First Responders in their Work-Life Balance

Every agency wants to get high-quality work from their employees, but it is sometimes easy to confuse hours at work with commitment and quality. Whenever possible, it is important not to value employees by the amount of overtime or shifts they pick up, but rather by the dedication and skill they bring to every shift. With the potential for burnout in the first responder population, it’s important to find ways to help employees achieve and maintain work-life balance, for their own sake as well as for the sake of your agency. Find out how to support your staff and promote a balanced, healthy culture in your organization.

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