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Date:Friday January 15, 2021

To our law enforcement professionals, the past year has likely held some of the most difficult moments in your entire career, from an unprecedented worldwide pandemic, to anti-police social narratives, to government instability–and that doesn’t even include the typical day-to-day risks you face as you protect and serve your community.

We want every public safety employee to know that we appreciate you, and most importantly, we want to support and help you continue to not just survive but thrive. In light of this, we’ve compiled a short list of high impact resources informed by veterans of the field who truly understand your experience and are ready to meet you where you are today.  Please feel free to forward and share.  We will continue to add to this list of resources as we identify the best information and professionals in the field. Thank you for your service, and stay safe.


CopLine: The International Law Enforcement Officer’s Hotline

Cops understand cops. CopLine provides an anonymous, confidential way to connect with competent and compassionate retired officers who’ve walked in your shoes and are ready to listen and engage on the daily stressors officers and their family members experience. Whether you’re active duty or retired and feel like no one understands what you’re going through, CopLine is ready to answer your call.



Survive First: Saving and Changing First Responder’s Lives Through Confidential Support

Survive First is a non-profit that provides confidential, comprehensive assistance and planning for mental health support for first responders and their families. If you need financial help with mental health assistance, reach out to us. You are not alone!

SURVIVE FIRST: (321) 266-7984


Trauma Behind the Badge: A Weekly Webinar Series Produced by First Responders Having Tough Conversations About Trauma

Trauma Behind the Badge is hosted by three former first responders that have a passion for helping their fellow officers, veterans, and their families. Each of our hosts have experienced their own version of trauma first hand and are here to help others navigate those turbulent waters.

View On Demand Webinars

Click Here to register for their next weekly webinar (Tuesdays @ 7 PM Eastern).


Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement: A Guide for Officers and Their Families

Dr. Gilmartin’s book breaks down the effects of police work and provides helpful, practical concepts you can use to make a significant positive impact on your work and home life.

Available on Amazon


Increasing Resilience in Police and Emergency Personnel: Strengthening Your Mental Armor

Author Stephanie Conn, a clinician and researcher as well as a former police officer and dispatcher, debunks myths about weakness and offers practical strategies in plain language for police employees and their families struggling with traumatic stress and burnout.

Available on Amazon



Lighthouse H&W is honored to support individuals answering the call, and to provide confidential assistance to public safety officers across the nation.

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